Second to Dream by Danny Freeman
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This album has been a huge project of mine for quite awhile now, and I could not be more excited for you to hear it.

I'm giving the entire thing away for free, no catch, and hope only that you will enjoy it!
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I'll be releasing those B-side tracks in a couple of months, along with physical copies of the whole package.
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There is no way this release could have happened without everyone below. They are all awesome, and I urge you to check out their projects!

Production Team:
All songs written by Danny Freeman

Produced by Brian Trahan & Danny Freeman
Mixed by Brian Trahan | Engineered by Jeff Leibovich | Mastered by Larry Johnson | Additional Mixing by Lance Quinn

Cover Art Direction & Design: Scott Roberts | Booklet Photography: Doug Coombe

The Band:
Danny Freeman
Ben Ondreyka
Mark Peter
Brian Trahan

Musical Credits (in order of number of featured tracks):
• Danny Freeman - Guitars/Vocals/Harmonies
• Brian Trahan - Keys/Synths/Pads/Percussion/E-Guitar/Harmonies
• Mark Peter - Bass
• Ben Ondreyka - Drums
• Jeff Leibovich - Keys/Synths
• Kevin DeKimpe - Keys/Lead Guitar
• Amy Cave - Violin
• Mark Dover - Sax/Clarinet
• Mitch Iacullo - Cello
• Corey Richardson - Lead Guitar
• Eric Huntley - E-Guitar

Great music is no secret to Florida guitarist Danny Freeman. Over the last several years, the acoustic rock singer-songwriter has taken his love for music to a new level. Danny dove into the music world headfirst, releasing his debut album All the People at age 17, followed by his sophomore full-length Second to Dream. After performing for a year as a solo artist, Freeman was offered a front page featured artist spot on mtvU’s Best Music On Campus website; three months later, he was also nominated for an MTV Woodie Award.

Danny is continuing that momentum with the release of Second to Dream, and pursuing large-scale impact with his music. The 23-year-old musician and entrepreneur recorded the album with his band, a well-known campus act at the University of Michigan. Prior to release, his songs have garnered praise from Larry Johnson, soundman for Johnny Cash and mastering engineer of Freeman’s latest album. Additionally, Lance Quinn, the multiplatinum producer of Bon Jovi, has praised Danny’s voice and sound.

“People today are distracted from what’s really important,” says Freeman. “We can do better than this. We can pursue our dreams amongst the chaos.” While sharing his songs, Danny hopes his listeners will take a ‘Second to Dream’ with him.

The songs range in message, emotion, and feel – from the radio hit “Waiting,” to the lion-king-esque “Compass;” from the upbeat track “In You” to the acoustic, calm, and contemplative “Fire.” The album even draws on an old rock sound for the killer tune “Breakin’ Down.” His musical appreciation for James Taylor is showcased in his cover of the classic “You Can Close Your Eyes,” the last track on All the People.

Second to Dream is available via the DannyFreemanMusic website, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and many other media outlets. During the release period, Danny is offering the entire album as a free download with an optional donation on his site, and for a mere $3.99 on iTunes. Download your copy today!

Some quality reading for while you listen... the story of Second to Dream:
I started writing the songs for Second to Dream in 2006, just as I was finishing All the People in high school. Most of the tracks were finished over the following year or two, and ready to go. When I entered the University of Michigan as a Freshman, my plan was to record this 2nd album in their brand new, state of the art recording studio. But that year, I learned that the University prohibited students from recording and selling projects recorded on campus. (Let's forget for a second that I'm giving it away... this wasn't always going to be the case). There were a few interesting reasons why this rule existed, but I didn't think many of the regulations of the studio were consistent with the University's intellectual property or use of resource policies for other labs on campus. So I did something about it. I got myself on the Audio Policy Board for the recording studios and drafted a proposal to the guys in charge. Second to Dream is the pilot project under my proposal, thanks to the University of Michigan.

On the Audio Policy Board, I met Jeff, who helped the band and I lay down all the tracks for the record. It took forever with all of us in classes to coordinate times that worked for everyone, and many of our recording sessions were all-nighters on Friday and Saturday nights. Jeff graduated and moved to Chicago, so the project sat on hold for a little while. Then came Brian, who bravely accomplished the majority of the mixing and production, sacrificing his soul in the process... I would never have been so lucky to have an album that sounds as it does today without him. We've seen what happens when I do the mixing and production myself. Finally, while I was in the bright and beautiful Kansas City over the summer of '11 working at a private equity firm, I found Larry, who after working with Johnny Cash for 15 years, had just the right ear to put the finishing touches on the album. I worked closely with all of these guys, and owe a HUGE THANK YOU to all of them.

I hope you enjoy listening to the results of all our efforts!

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